Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning; It’s one of our specialities.

Whether you’ve got a big one or a small one, wool or shag-pile, light or dark, all rugs benefit from a bit of TLC to keep them feeling and looking good. Rugs, in particular, can easily lose their pile and vibrancy, and feel worn rather than luxurious. Don’t panic – we can save your rug and your money.

No matter how house-proud and clean you are, all rugs and carpets become infested with dust mites over time, as dirt and dust settle in their fibres, they look and feel dirty. With a quick steam clean, using our all natural products, you’ll have your rug back looking, smelling and feeling better on your tootsies.

Healthy, eco-friendly products

A steam clean with natural products is as healthy as you can get. With our quick rug cleaning, you’ll find your rug will be a lot healthier for your children and pets who love to play on your rugs

You’re worried you’ve no place to dry it?

We’ve been cleaning rugs and carpets for over twenty years, so we know what people worry about. Some other companies use cold water, heavy duty chemicals and even portable machines – and if you’ve had that service, we understand why you might worry about quality and the time it will take your rug to dry.

You’ve no need for such concerns with the Wirral Carpet Cleaner. Our steam generator means our results are fast without a lot of water, and most rugs will be dry within a few hours. What’s stopping you?

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