Summer Heat Making Household Chores Difficult? Get The Professionals in!
Summer Heat Making Household Chores Difficult? Get The Professionals in!

Household chores are difficult as it is without warm weather making it even more exhausting. Completing the simplest of chores can be tiresome and dull for some, and with the addition of a heatwave we wouldn’t blame you if cleaning your carpets and furniture is the last thing you want to be doing.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to clean in this heat as we specialise in professional house cleaning come rain or shine. It’s never too hot or too cold for The Wirral Carpet Cleaners as we’re happy to take on the toughest jobs whatever the weather. So sit back, srcax and enjoy the sun whilst we take over the house work.


What Can The Wirral Carpet Cleaner Offer You?

At The Wirral Carpet Cleaner our cleaning experts can offer a helping hand around the home, particularly with carpet and furniture cleaning. We all wish that our homes would stay clean forever, or at least longer than the next week, but when you’re cleaning alone it’s not always possible. You probably don’t have the right equipment to thoroughly remove the build up of dirt and dust and a bit of elbow grease sometimes just isn’t enough for a thorough clean.

With professional house cleaning the duration between your next clean is a lot longer. We save you the hard work and offer a clean, fresh smelling home that will remain that way for a long time before you need your next professional clean. Why bother breaking a sweat cleaning when you have professionals on your doorstep?


Professional House Cleaning Services

We clean where dirt and dust gather the most and the places that take a lot of hard work to remove tough stains. Here are some of the professional house cleaning services we provide in the Wirral area.


Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning Wirral

Our carpet cleaning is the best around as we not only remove dirt, we bring the carpet back to its original quality. You’ve probably not seen its original condition in a while as it’s easy for dust and dirt to build up and dull the original colour. We use gentle steam cleaning to lift dirt from deep beneath the fibres and gently clean and fluff the fibres so that your carpets look just as fresh as when you bought them. We can clean all the carpets in your home at an affordable price, try our fantastic deal of four carpets for only £89.99!


Furniture Cleaning

furniture cleaning Wirral

It’s not only your carpets that can get in a right mess as furniture is also prone to attracting large amounts of dirt and dust. We use the same method to clean sofas and chairs no matter if they’re fabric or leather. We will have your furniture comfy and cosy again just how it should be.


Rug Cleaning

The centrepiece of any room should be clean at all times. A rug is a focal point in any room and with all eyes on your striking rug you don’t want the dirt to be the centre of attention. Professional steam cleaning will leave your rug gleaming and dust mite free in no time!


Book Our Professional House Cleaning Services in Wirral Today!

Down tools and beat the summer heat by letting The Wirral Carpet Cleaner take over your household chores. We’ll clean all your carpets and furniture to the highest quality and will leave them sparkling for weeks. For all or just one of our professional house cleaning services simply call us on 0151 601 5274 to book.

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