Professional Cleaning For Your Upcoming Summer House Parties
Professional Cleaning For Your Upcoming Summer House Parties

When the sun shows its face you know it’s time for a party, and if you’re the one hosting the parties this summer you need to be prepared. If you’re having a house party this summer it’s not just the food, drinks, and entertainment you need to think about, it’s also the cleaning.

Keeping a clean and tidy home for when your guests arrive will not only make you look good but it will also create a more comfortable environment for them. After all, who wants to party in mess? You might also want to consider after party cleaning, but don’t leave this to your hungover self, we could have your home back in the tip top condition that we left it in without disturbing you and the hangover!

Here’s how we can have your home sparkling before and after the party with our professional house cleaning services.


Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets can gather a huge amount of dust and dirt over time and many people often neglect to take care of their carpets, and if this is what your guests are greeted to it will leave a negative impression. Dirt and dust has a way of ruining carpets but regular professional carpet cleaning will ensure they have a longer lifespan.

If your carpets are in a state and you’re worried they won’t be gleaming in time for the party, don’t panic as our transformations take just one visit! We use steam to lift stains that are set deep beneath the surface and each fibre will be free from dust and dirt leaving clean, fresh carpets in your home. Your carpets will also be dry in no time after our visit so there is little disruption to your home and the partying.


Furniture Cleaning

Chairs and furniture are a feature in any gathering and so should be as comfortable as possible for your guests. If your furniture has seen better days and are looking rather dull and drab, have them brightened up for the party with professional furniture cleaning. You’ve probably forgot what your furniture looked like when you bought it, maybe it’s lost its colour and brightness and is on the dusty side. We will bring the life and soul back into your furniture with gentle and eco friendly steam cleaning.


Book Our Professional House Cleaning Service Today!

We’ll have your carpets, furniture, rugs and leather furniture thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the party and if needed we can come back after the party to remove those stubborn wine stains! Call 0151 601 5274 to book our professional house cleaning service today in time for your summer house party.  

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