Professional Pet Hair Removal In Wirral
Professional Pet Hair Removal In Wirral

There are not many households without pets these days as our society has an obsession with our four legged friends. Pets add joy and love to our lives but also a huge amount of hair and dirt! Our beloved pets can often take over the household and spread germs and hair on clean and expensive furniture. If you’re tired of your carpets being covered in hair and dirt, but those puppy dog eyes are too much to refuse a cuddle on the sofa, then we suggest you have regular professional pet hair removal by the experts here at The Wirral Carpet Cleaner.

Pet Hair Removal For Sofas and Carpets  

Whether you have multiple pets or just one we’re sure you’ve found yourself repeatedly trying to remove all of the hair that has gathered on your sofas and carpets, particularly with cats and dogs. Pet hair clings to every inch and fibre of your furniture and a simple lint roller will not do it justice. If you’re facing a constant battle keeping your furniture free from pet hair, luckily for you we have a solution.

Removing pet hair yourself is time consuming and does not produce results that you need. Many people are allergic to pet hair so removing it is not only important for appearance but also for a healthy home. If you have guests over who are allergic to pet hair it’s wise to keep your home comfortable for them simply by keeping your carpets and furniture clean.

As we’ve said, there is no escaping pet hair as it clings to every inch of your upholstery, so you need a method that gets deep beneath the fibres ensuring that every hair is removed. This is only achieved through professional pet hair removal.

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Dampening down pet hair is the best way to contain it and it makes the hair more visible and easier to remove. Regular vacuuming will only remove what’s on the surface, and even this method might not remove all of the hair in one go. The method that our carpet cleaning experts use is steam cleaning. Our steam cleaning machine gets right beneath the fibres and in those hard to reach areas to remove those tough hairs. Steam cleaning also removes any other dirt that is found in your carpets and sofas and will leave them smelling fresh!

This method is also eco friendly and chemical-free so it’s the safest method of cleaning in the home and won’t aggravate allergies.

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Although we love our pets they can make our homes dirty and smelly, but with professional deep cleaning this is not an issue. Upholstery is a magnet for pet hair so target these areas and you will have a fresh, clean home in no time! Our professional furniture cleaning service is quick and effective so we will be in and out of your home and you can get back to your normal daily routines straight away as your carpets and furniture will be dry in no time. Give The Wirral Carpet Cleaner a call today on 0151 601 5274 for professional pet hair removal.

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