Halloween Post-Party Carpet Cleaning
Halloween Post-Party Carpet Cleaning

The party season is now upon us; from Halloween right through to Christmas there are plenty of reasons to invite friends round and make memories. Plus, unlike summer gatherings which are more likely to involve BBQs on the patio, the change of season means that autumn/winter socialising is very much an indoor affair. Of course, indoor parties can and do lead to accidental spillages and even the unmistakable pattern of winter footprints traipsed around the house, BUT, that’s no reason not to have them. When you know how easy and affordable it is to book after-party cleaning for your carpets, you won’t let fear of mucky mates put you off house parties ever again!

Plan your children’s Halloween party with confidence

Are you on the fence about inviting a group of little trick or treaters into your home? Fearful that collected candy, muddy footprints and spilled snacks could ruin your carpets? We understand, believe us. We also believe that homes should be for living in and that you, and your little ones, should be able to have all the parties you want without the fear of ruining the décor.

Our suggestion is that you book after-party cleaning for your carpets now, ahead of the event. If no mess is made then your carpets will still benefit from a seasonal scrub. If someone does drop their juice or miss-squirt the ketchup, you’ll be able to laugh it off, safe in the knowledge that we’ll soon be turning up with our high powered steam cleaner. Either way, your home will look and smell clean and fresh for months to come and you’ll feel great showing it off for the rest of the year.

Invite your mates round without fear

Even if you have just had your carpets cleaned by us, don’t let that put you off planning a Halloween gathering. Freshly cleaned carpets will give you extra confidence when you invite people round because, make no mistake, as clean as you keep your house there is always a noticeable difference to the smell post carpet cleaning . The place will smell clean, new and ready for entertaining. If the worst should happen at your shindig and someone spills something on your freshly laundered floor, we’ll call round and perform after party cleaning on just your living room floor for under £40. Even if the whole place needs a refresh, you won’t pay more than £99 for 3 rooms plus the stairs and landing.

Emergency after-party cleaning

We prioritise emergency cleans. If you wake up the morning after the night before to notice a stubborn stain that you don’t know how to remove then please call us before you try to remove it yourself. Sometimes the worst thing you can do to a carpet is try to clean it with the wrong methods and products. Most stains aren’t a problem for us but some damage caused by inexpert attempts at cleaning cannot be reversed!

If you need after party cleaning for your carpet in a hurry, get in touch by calling 0151 601 5274. You won’t be the only person to call us the day after Halloween, that’s for sure! We’re Wirral’s local carpet cleaners and we only work here in your area, so we will never keep you waiting long.

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