Why using a steam carpet cleaning service is the best method of cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning; it’s what we do

Our steam carpet cleaning service really is the best but we have to admit, sometimes at The Wirral Carpet Cleaner, we get a lot of funny looks when we tell people we only clean with steam.


Because so many people wrongfully believe that unless you use heavy duty products such as bleach or detergents, you aren’t properly cleaning something.

However, this is very wrong! Steam is the most powerful cleaning tool available to us, and it does the job perfectly. Simple, effective, leaves no residue, and is completely safe to be used around humans and animals alike; ; making our steam carpet cleaning service the best.

We only use steam in our local carpet cleaning services, giving you the very best result, without causing any damage to your carpets.

If local carpet cleaning is what you’re looking for then come to us!

Steam is now touted as an option that is safe, but it’s also green; by opting for steam, you are actively doing your bit to preserve and look after the environment.

So, what is steam carpet cleaning exactly?

It’s exactly what it says – a carpet steam cleaning service that uses nothing but steam to get your carpets back up to scratch!

The best carpet cleaners in the world exclusively use this method; which is why we stick to being the best for local carpet cleaning, rather than trading in our steam for anything else.

Steam is basically vaporised water that is extremely hot; heat is the most important aspect, as this is what starts to loosen the dirt from your carpets. The heat of the steam can penetrate the pores of the carpet, and bring up those deeply embedded stains that no amount of scrubbing would ever release.

You can try but you just won’t get the same result. Hiring a professional is the best way to go.

Does steam cleaning kill germs?

Don’t make us laugh! Steam cleaning kills germs more effectively than any cleaner on the market.

Steam, by nature, is a natural sanitiser and deodoriser; it won’t leave a chemical smell behind, but most importantly, it won’t leave the bad one that was there in the first place behind either.

Carpets have a habit of becoming a breeding ground for mites and bacteria, but they don’t stand a chance when it comes to the steam; it evaporates them in a matter of seconds, with their habitat destroyed in the process; another reason why you should choose our steam carpet cleaning service.

In short – your carpets will be pristine by using steam to clean them.

Are you sure that a carpet detergent isn’t better than a steam carpet cleaning service?


The thing with any domestic cleaning product is that it leaves a residue behind, and whilst it cleans the area for a short amount of time, that residue will eventually become like a magnet for new dirt to get hold of, and hang around in your carpets once again.

What does that mean? You have to fork out for more cleaning detergent, and the cycle starts again. Plus, not only will products mean you have to clean your carpets more often, but they will eventually be an aid to helping them to perish, thus meaning you will need a replacement in super-fast time!

The conclusion is to choose carpet steam cleaning services in Wirral!

Cleaning with anything but steam is short lived, and doesn’t offer a proper long-term solution to reviving your carpets – just because something smells nice, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is doing a good job.

Just trust us – we really are the best carpet cleaners and 1 and only choice when it comes to local carpet cleaning. Our steam carpet cleaning service is available to everyone, you can even book in The Wirral Carpet Cleaner right now online.


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