Choose The Wirral Carpet Cleaner for Sofa Cleaning in Wirral
Choose The Wirral Carpet Cleaner for Sofa Cleaning in Wirral

In need of a top sofa cleaning Wirral service? There are plenty of carpet and furniture cleaning companies online that will offer to come out and get your three piece suite looking as good as new but we believe there are lots of reasons to book us for the job when you need a sofa cleaning. Wirral homeowners across the region agree with us and we’ve built up an excellent reputation in the area, demonstrated through our testimonials and glowing reviews.

Need sofa cleaning? Choose us for a good price!

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons why we choose any service provider is their price point. Of course we have to be confident that we will receive a quality service (and we’ll let our testimonials speak for themselves on that point) but after that, affordability is a key priority.

Our prices are one of the main reasons we’re so popular, with one three seater returned to sparking condition for under £50 and an entire three-piece-suite clean available for just £110. Believe us when we say that our sofa cleaning service can transform a piece of furniture so much so that you get years of extra use out of it and, when you consider £110 versus the price of a brand new sofa, you’ll appreciate the value even more.

When it comes to carpet and sofa cleaning Wirral Carpet Cleaner only works locally, so we don’t have high fuel bills to pass on to our clients. We don’t clean with chemicals, so you don’t need to pay for any of those either and we even generate the power to fuel our machine from within our van, so we won’t add to your utilities bill either, unless of course you make us a cup of tea!

Tough, thorough, eco-friendly cleaning

We won’t use chemicals on your couch. Your family will not breath in any fumes, they will simply be able to enjoy a thoroughly clean, 100% dust-mite free piece of furniture within hours.

We clean using our state-of-the-art steam cleaning machine. The ONLY thing we’ll use to clean your sofa is steam. That’s because it’s the most effective way to get the job done. As well as leaving your furniture thoroughly clean, steam is also non-toxic, chemical free, environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets. After we leave, your furniture can be used again as soon as it has dried off.

Anti-allergy sofa cleaning Wirral

If any member of your family suffers from allergies or asthma, our sofa cleaning service can really help. These conditions can often be greatly effected by the dust mites that live within furniture. Getting rid of these mites, with a thorough steam clean, can instantly improve symptoms, in some cases. In all cases, we think it’s worth a try.

If you are looking for an anti-allergy clean, beware of companies who use chemicals that could add to the problem. Our deep steam clean is the answer, even if we do say so ourselves!

Use the quotation calculator to work out your price, then call us on 0151 601 5274 to book your sofa in for a clean.

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