Should you try professional furniture cleaning? Yes!

The upholstery cleaners in Wirral you need

OK – so we’ve all heard of professional carpet cleaning, it’s a relatively popular service that many people use but what about professional furniture cleaning?

Well, it’s constantly growing in popularity as people start to view their belongings with a little more longevity than the IKEA gang do; in a time where we have to be a little more frugal, it’s wise to maintain what we have, rather than treat it as disposable and move forward with the mentality that we will just get another.

What does our furniture cleaning service offer?

Basically, we bring your old furniture back to life! It never ceases to amaze us how many people forget what colour their furniture was before it got lost under years of dust and dirt, and our cleaning service will breathe a new lease of life into your old favourites.

Our upholstery cleaners in Wirral come to your home and use our high-quality cleaning equipment on the furniture that you want reviving.

Got an old armchair that was once a nice cream colour, but now looks like it’s been put in with a dark wash by mistake? Don’t worry about it, watch it reappear before your very eyes! How about a mattress that you think has seen better days because it’s played home to a few of your kids over the last few years? We can clean that up, too.

Our upholstery cleaners in Wirral aren’t as big and scary as they sound. Powerful, yes, but scary, no.

Something we are often asked is whether the machines will damage your furniture and we always say the same thing – absolutely not. Our machines are thorough and get into all of the nooks and crannies, but they never do so by being too harsh for your furniture. We wouldn’t offer professional furniture cleaning if it was going to damage your goods now would we?

What are the benefits of professional furniture cleaning?

Firstly, there are the physical pros that allow you to see directly exactly what your furniture looked like when you first bought it. Clean furniture is pretty furniture.

When furniture becomes worn and tired looking, it not only looks bad as a furniture piece, but it brings the whole room down around it; by simply cleaning, rather than replacing, you will reinvigorate spaces that have started to look dull, and inject a bit of life back into your home.

However, the real benefits of professional furniture cleaning falls under the hygiene bracket; your pieces will become healthier for you and your family.

Our steam generator kills germs and bacteria that build up within the fibres of your furniture; if you have a pet, you would be gobsmacked to see just how many beasties live within your furniture, and this is one of the only ways you will get rid of them effectively; through our excellent furniture cleaning service.

Say goodbye unhealthy allergens around your kids, and no more mites doing their business whilst you sit and watch Corrie – it’s time to evict the germs and claim back your territory!

The cost effective conclusion

Our service is affordable yet effective, and has the potential to save you thousands. If you’ve been thinking about forking out a good wedge of money for a new suite, then at least try our service first; you will be converted and left with the money in your bank.

We can’t stress enough to our customers that by simply getting a professional cleaner in with our machines, you are not only ensuring that a job is well done, but you are being sensible by realising that you can have that sofa looking like it’s brand new, without it actually being fresh out of the wrapper… Although we will definitely make it look like it is.

Contact the experts now for a free, no obligation quote on our professional furniture cleaning services.


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