Are You Suffering From Allergies? Professional Carpet Cleaning Could Help!
Are You Suffering From Allergies? Professional Carpet Cleaning Could Help!

Professional carpet cleaning can make all the difference in the world when you find that you’re dreading spring and summer time because of hay fever and other allergies – meaning you’ll have a difficult time during these seasons. If you’ve exhausted all of the different types of allergy medications and you’re getting no relief there are simple but effective things you can do to help relieve the symptoms – like a good old spring clean!

If you’re feeling under the weather with itchy eyes, runny nose and a bad cough you need to rid your home of pollen, mold and dust. You might have imprisoned yourself indoors away from the pollen and pollution outdoors, but you may still be doing yourself harm if you’re home isn’t a healthy environment.

Remove allergens

Carpets and furniture are magnets for dust and pollen and can enter your home and find their way deep in the fibres of your carpets. Simply hoovering your carpets will not thoroughly eradicate these allergens so its important to acquire the expertise of professional carpet cleaners.


How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help With Allergies

For a healthy, allergy-free home you need deep and thorough cleaning methods that don’t use harsh chemicals which could aggravate allergies further. Here at The Wirral Carpet Cleaner we only use eco friendly carpet cleaning to care for the environment and create a healthy home. We use steam cleaning as our carpet cleaning technique, as it is gentle, doesn’t use much energy or water and dries quickly so that mold doesn’t thrive in the moisture.

We produce fantastic results with this method of cleaning in a short amount of time. It doesn’t take much for our steam cleaners to get deep beneath the fibres and remove stains, pollen, dust and mold and leave your carpets with a brand new appearance, giving the fibres a new lease of life and fresh smell.

Our carpet cleaning is all about being gentle – not worsening allergies – and thoroughly removing tough dirt and stains to make your home healthy and more comfortable to live in.

The difference carpet cleaning can make


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Your home could be riddled with pollen and dust, so there is no time to waste if you’re suffering from hay fever and other allergies. To relieve the symptoms you need to make your home clean, particularly your carpets where the dust and pollen settles. Professional carpet cleaning not only does a thorough job, it also saves you time and avoids you having close contact with your dirty carpets, which could set off your allergies! It’s also worth having your furniture cleaned to ensure that your home is fully cleaned.

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