Leather furniture cleaning in Wirral
Leather furniture cleaning in Wirral

The options and benefits of professional sofa cleaning

You would be amazed at the difference that a leather furniture cleaner can make. Leather, tough hard wearing, is also very temperamental. You may have noticed that wearing dark coloured jeans, smoking or just general use have made their impression on your leather furniture in a relatively short period of time, leaving your expensive suit looking lack lustre.

It can be restored to its former glory by a professional upholstery cleaner and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Why book a professional upholstery cleaner

Leather is not easy to clean yourself. If you’ve ever tried and failed, you’ll know what we mean. Often, when you aim to remove a stain you end up creating a bigger one and when you do your best to make the whole thing look better, it finishes up looking a whole lot worse!

You can pay a fortune for a professional leather furniture cleaner to come and take your sofa away somewhere, returning it days later but being without your three piece suite is impractical – both financially and physically.

The better option, should you need a sofa cleaning in Wirral, is to have us come out to your home. We will use organic cleaning products to remove stains and brighten your leather furniture.

Why book a professional upholstery cleaner? Because trying to do the job yourself barely ever yields good results. Why book The Wirral Carpet Cleaner? Because we will handle your leather furniture cleaning quickly, effectively and economically, without disrupting the layout of your front room.

How often does leather furniture need cleaning?

You may think that light coloured leather furniture needs cleaning more often than dark but that is not necessarily the case. Look back at a photo of your leather sofa from a year or two ago. Regardless of its colour, we bet you can see a difference.

We recommend that you book a sofa cleaning once a year, if you have a leather suite. Even if you don’t realise beforehand how much it needs doing, we can almost guarantee that you’ll notice afterwards. Take a look at the images on our gallery and you’ll see what we mean.

If you have leather furniture that could benefit from a bit of TLC give us a call for a quote on our furniture cleaning Wirral service.


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