Why opt for eco friendly carpet cleaning?
Why opt for eco friendly carpet cleaning?

Our steam carpet cleaning is #1 in Wirral

I’m sure we can all agree from the get go that eco friendly carpet cleaning, that opts for steam as a cleaning method over harsh chemicals, is bound to be better for the environment.

The question that people often have is ‘is it the best way to get my carpets cleaned?’ Well, the short answer to that question is ‘yes’.

We’re experienced at this game and in our opinion there is no better way to give carpets a thorough clean than using our industrial steam cleaning machine.

It’s great for removing stains, for ridding the house of dust mites quickly and effectively and it’s great for the environment to boot. So the real question is ‘why wouldn’t you opt for eco friendly carpet cleaning?’.

The best professional carpet cleaning for Wirral

There are a number of reasons why we are considered to provide the best professional carpet cleaning service in the area and many of those reasons come back to our eco friendly carpet cleaning method.

  • We only work locally – so we spend less on petrol, we’re always around when you need us and we use less emissions to get to our jobs. You save and the environment benefits
  • The only cleaning product we use is water! Our professional carpet cleaning machine turns it into steam but still, no expenditure on chemical products means no bill to pass on to our customers and lower carpet cleaning prices
  • Carpets and rugs cleaned by us are safe for pets and children to walk, sit, lay and roll on immediately – containing no dangerous chemical residue. They’ll be a little damp for a few hours but otherwise completely spotless
  • We pack a high powered generator in our van, so we don’t need to use your electricity supply for our eco friendly carpet cleaning, we’re equipped with everything we need before we turn up

Carpet cleaning prices that can’t be beaten

For all of the above reasons and more we’re able to offer our eco friendly carpet cleaning at prices that just can’t be beaten.

Even hiring in less effective carpet cleaning equipment and spending time and effort on DIY carpet cleaning could cost you a lot more than the price of our professional carpet cleaning services.

So why not save yourself the effort?

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