Carpet Cleaning and Dust Mite Eradication In Wirral
Carpet Cleaning and Dust Mite Eradication In Wirral

Household dust is unfortunately unavoidable as it’s created from our own bodies as well as outdoor particles and fibres from household furniture. Dead skin cells, carpet and furniture fibres, as well as particles that are blown in or trodden into the home from outside are all likely to be the cause of the build up of dust that you find regularly in your home.

Carpets are often the culprit when it comes to the build up of dust as it can trap dust in its fibres. The carpet is the place that should be regularly cleaned to eradicate dust and pesky dust mites.

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that feed on dust and can trigger allergies which can often be severe. Dust mites are an irritant particularly for asthma and eczema sufferers. When dust is cleaned it can disperse the dust particles into the air which worsens allergies so it is important to clean carpets in a way that is thorough and contains the dust. Rather than hiring a dedicated dust mite exterminator, you can call the Wirral Carpet Cleaner to tackle dust and dust mite issues!

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Carpet Cleaner and Dust Mite Exterminator Wirral

It’s difficult to tell whether you have dust mites in your home unless you’re suffering from allergies. You may be experiencing coughing, sneezing, red itchy eyes, itching skin, and stuffiness in the chest and nose.  

Although, wherever there’s dust there is likely to be dust mites. It is vital that you have dust professionally cleaned and dust mites professionally exterminated.

Here at The Wirral Carpet Cleaner we specialise in the deep cleaning of carpets and removing the build up of dirt and dust deep beneath the fibres.

Many people assume wiping dust with a cloth or simply vacuuming will remove dust, when in fact the dust is being stirred up into the air which is why allergies are usually triggered more after cleaning has occurred.

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Dust needs to be dampened down and removed in a controlled way. Wall to wall carpets will trap dust mites so you need powerful and professional cleaning methods to thoroughly eradicate dust mites. Our expert carpet cleaners use steam cleaning technology as it dampens down the dust and stops it from dispersing into the air as well as thoroughly removing it from your carpets.

We will ensure we remove as much dirt and dust as possible so you can live comfortably in your home. If you have your carpets regularly professionally cleaned by us you will see a significant reduction in your dust allergy symptoms.

Dust allergy can be a debilitating illness so do not hesitate to give the carpet cleaning experts at The Wirral Carpet Cleaner a call today on 0151 601 5274 rather than calling a dust mite exterminator!

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