Cleaning the Christmas After Party Mess
Cleaning the Christmas After Party Mess

With the party season approaching, let The Wirral Carpet Cleaner take care of the after party mess.

You are probably thinking about getting your home cleaned in time for Christmas and are not thinking about the aftermath just yet, but we urge you to consider being prepared for those accidental (but unavoidable) spills that happen at parties. If you are planning a party in Wirral make sure you contact The Wirral Carpet Cleaner to bring your home back to life after the party season.

From food and drink stains, confetti and glitter, we can clean it all as we specialise in deep cleaning of carpets and furniture.  


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Stair carpet cleaning by The Wirral Carpet Cleaner


With our carpet cleaning service we will not only remove the after party mess but every other stain and dirt from before the party season that you did not even know was there. If your carpet is aging you have probably lost sight of its original condition. You will be pleasantly surprised after one visit from The Wirral Carpet Cleaner. We can lift the toughest of set in stains to have your carpets good as new!

Steam is our secret to getting your home sparkling. We use steam as it is a great eco friendly option, as with our steam cleaning machine we do not use your water or electricity and we do not use harsh, toxic chemicals. After our carpet cleaning experts are finished you can expect your carpets to be stain free, fresh and free from irritants such as dust and smells.

There is even more reason to try our carpet cleaning service with our promotion. For £99 we will clean four of your carpets and for £39.99 we will clean your hall stairs and landing!


Have your whole home professionally cleaned by The Wirral Carpet Cleaner

It is not only your carpets that can be a bit worse for wear from the festive period. Your furniture and rug will also need a deep clean after all that partying and Christmas dinners. Have your sofa and dining chairs professionally cleaned to restore them back  to their usual sparkle. We can also clean your rug and bring it back to the focal point that it should be. Whether it is your carpet, rug or furniture we have the after party mess sorted.


We are the number one professional cleaners in Wirral

If your home is in need of a deep clean, especially after the party season then make sure you contact the leading carpet cleaner in Wirral. Here is just a few of our qualities:

✔️ Eco friendly

✔️ Fast and efficient

✔️ Affordable

✔️ Professional and friendly

✔️ Amazing quality and service


Take a look at our home page to see testimonials from our fantastic customers and see for yourself how highly recognised we are as the number one carpet cleaners Wirral.

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    4 Carpets for only £89.99

    Yes folks, we'll clean 4 carpets for only £89.99.

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