Deals on carpet cleaning in Wirral
Deals on carpet cleaning in Wirral

Cheap carpet cleaning for your entire home

It may seem as though DIY is the easiest route to cheap carpet cleaning but in fact, that is not always so.

We offer professional carpet cleaning in Wirral at such low prices and with some ongoing deals that just won’t be beaten, so as well as being easier and obtaining a more effective result, you may also find that it is just as economical to have your carpets cleaned by us as well.

Cheap carpet cleaning offers

At the moment, on an ongoing basis, we are offering a couple of fantastic deals on carpet cleaning in Wirral. Combined, they allow many households to have every carpet in the house given the once over by our super duper steam carpet cleaner for one low fee.

Current offers on carpet cleaning in Wirral include:

  • Hall, stairs and landing for just £39.99
  • Four carpets for £99

If those offers don’t quite fit what you’re looking for you can use the quotation calculator on the homepage of our website to work out the price of the service you require.

As well as carpet cleaning in Wirral we also tend to your soft furnishings, so mattresses, sofas and more. Simply enter the items you want us to clean into the calculator to generate a quotation and if your bill comes to £100 or more, we’ll knock 10% off automatically!

The benefits of our steam carpet cleaner

The price isn’t the only reason to enlist us to clean your carpets for you. Most carpet cleaners use chemicals to get the job done – we don’t AND we do the job more thoroughly as a result.

At best, chemical cleaners are bad for the environment and, when many people are having their carpets cleaned to alleviate the symptoms of a dust allergy it doesn’t make sense to replace one irritant with another by spreading chemicals throughout your home.

At worst, some can simply mask odours and stains, rather than actually killing off harmful mites.

In contrast, our steam carpet cleaner cleans deep into carpets, completely ridding them of all dust mites and leaving the place looking and smelling fresh and clean because it is fresh and clean.

No irritants and no harmful chemicals during our carpet cleaning in Wirral, so your family, including pets and children, are safe to enter every room as soon as we leave (though it’s a good idea to wait an hour until the floor is dry). The great new is that chemical free also equals eco friendly, so everyone wins!

If you’re in need of carpet cleaning in Wirral, why not take advantage of one of our great deals today?

    4 Carpets for only £89.99

    Yes folks, we'll clean 4 carpets for only £89.99.

    Call us now 0151 601 5274

    Discount Madness

    3 Rooms + Stairs + Landing £99

    Call us now 0151 601 5274