De-hair your home with our professional carpet cleaners to remove pet hair
De-hair your home with our professional carpet cleaners to remove pet hair

Is your carpet piled with pet hair?

We all love our cats and dogs, our pets are the ones that show us the most love, making a big fuss when you walk through the front door, some are even lucky enough to get snug in bed with us! However, does your pet malt? Do you need our carpet cleaners to remove pet hair?

With all the pet fur that is piled up in the carpets you’d wonder how your pet still has a full coat! We know how annoying it can be, hair everywhere, places you don’t even know how it gets there!

Our pets spend most time laying around on the floor which leads to a lot of fur falling off and getting stuck deep into the fibres of the carpet. Do you think if you leave it it’s not going to pile up? Our services for pet hair removal in Wirral is something you definitely need for your carpets.

Professional help from expert carpet cleaners to remove pet hair

We’ll save the chit chat for another day, we want you to know about our professional pet hair removal services and how they are going to help and benefit you and your home.

For a start, we are a highly experienced company. We’ve been removing pet hair from carpets for many years, saving the day for many pet owners across the whole of Wirral!

As we are professional carpet cleaners to remove pet hair we know exactly what we are doing, we can ensure you that we will remove every inch of hair buried deep into the carpets.

Is there someone in your house forever sneezing? This is probably down to the pile up of the pet hair, with our professional pet hair removal services the sneezing will stop and the allergies will be reduced.

The method of cleaning that we use at The Wirral Carpet Cleaner is 100% eco-friendly. Your carpets will have never looked so clean and fresh, not to mention fur free! As we don’t use any harmful chemicals the life of your carpets will also be prolonged as the eco-friendly methods helps them stay stronger for longer.

Our carpet cleaning to remove pet hair is a deep, thorough job but don’t worry your carpets won’t be damaged from our services, like we stated on the previous point, they’ll be made stronger and fresher.

Finally, by removing all the fur in your carpets you’ll have a much healthier home. The air will be clearer to breath in and the carpets will be a lot cleaner.

Professional pet hair removal in Wirral; It’s what you need

Don’t let your pets rule the house, don’t let enough fur pile up that it looks like the fur is ready to morph into a new animal, take charge and contact our carpet cleaners to remove pet hair.
Whether it’s carpet cleaning for pet hair or just a general professional cleaning we are here and happy to help, you can contact us at any time, we’ll be on the case in no time. Give us a call today on 0151 601 5274.

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