The benefits of regular deep carpet cleaning

By the local carpet cleaning experts

The Wirral Carpet Cleaner is a local carpet cleaning business and, naturally enough, we believe there are lots of benefits to using local carpet cleaners to keep your home fresh and clean. A seasonal deep carpet cleaning is an absolute ‘must’ if you have pets, allergy sufferers in the house or family members with asthma, because ridding the house of dust mites can alleviate breathing difficulties and symptoms of allergies more than you might think. Using a local carpet cleaner to perform the service has plenty of additional benefits, both for your bank balance and your carbon footprint.


Why deep carpet cleaning?

First, let us tell you why we call it deep carpet cleaning and how it differs from any other form of carpet cleaning. Frankly, many forms of carpet cleaning don’t clean deeply enough into the fibres of the carpet to give you nearly as many health and hygiene benefits as our deep carpet cleaning provides.

Some chemical cleaners may make your carpet appear clean but they could have simply masked stains and smells, or cleaned the top layer of the fabric, without working through to the lining. While you might initially feel happy with the result of a carpet cleaning like this, you will soon notice that those who were suffering from dust allergies don’t notice any difference, or that as the chemical smell fades the musty smell of a room returns. That is because a clean that doesn’t go deep, doesn’t go far enough.

In contrast, we offer a deep carpet cleaning service that uses an industrial steam cleaner to get into every fibre of your carpet, leaving it really, truly, clean and fresh. The result is a fully disinfected, dust mite free zone with no chemical residue and no fake smells.


Why local carpet cleaners?

No local carpet cleaning company could last long without a following of loyal customers. The very fact that we have been in business this long is testament to the great job we do in your local area… and we don’t mind blowing our own trumpet a bit because we work hard for our reputation!

Using a local carpet cleaning company leads to a cost saving too. We don’t have high fuel bills because we don’t drive far! We don’t use chemical cleaners and we don’t even use your electricity. We turn up with everything we need in our van. We come quickly in an emergency and we do our job fast and thoroughly.

If you need a clean carpet and a cleaner you can rely on in the Wirral area, drop us a line.



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